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Business Rule



·Token is meant for single journey. There is no provision for return journey token.

·Token is captured at the exit gate o­n completion of journey.

·Token is valid for the day of purchase for a particular zone of travel.

·Passenger must enter the paid area within 45 minutes from the time of purchase.

·Token becomes invalid if the passenger does not enter within 45 minutes.

·A token holder is allowed to detrain short of his booked zone of travel without any penalty and is permitted proper exit at the destination station without having entry punched o­n the token.

·Lost token is not replaced under any circumstances



·Smart Cards are sold at all Kolkata Metro stations.

·The first time user will have to purchase the smart card of Rs.150/200/300/500 & 1000 (inclusive of Security Deposit of Rs. 80/-).

·Smart card can be recharged for any amount of Rs.100/200/300/500 & 1000, up to maximum card balance of Rs.5000/-.

·A 10% bonus o­n flat rate is given o­n issuing new smart card (minus SD) and further o­n recharging of smart card.

·Validity of such card is o­ne year from the date of purchase or date of “add value”.

·In case the smart card is topped up within validity period, the balance amount remaining o­n the card is carried forward.

·In case the validity of card has expired at the time of “topping up”, recharging can be done o­n the smart card; however, the previous balance is not carried forward but forfeited.

·A passenger is allowed to enter through the entry gate o­nly with a minimum balance of Rs.25/-(the maximum chargeable fare).

·In case a passenger does not flash his smart card at the exit and makes an improper exit, the card is locked. The booking counter deducts the maximum chargeable fare Rs.25/- from the smart card when the same is presented in the next visit and the card is unlocked.

·When a passenger tries to exit with a card without proper recorded entry in it, the passenger is not deemed to be travelling without ticket. Such a mismatch is penalized by deducting Rs.25/- from the smart card.

·Lost card is not replaced under any circumstances


  • Student smart card is sold o­nly at the booking counters of selected stations of Kolkata Metro. This card is issued in favour of 2 fixed stations.
  • Concession of 60% of the chargeable fare is granted to students attending School / Madrasas / Vocational Institutions up to classes academically equivalent to Class – XII. Any other discount o­n the basis of add value is not applicable.
  • The first time user is to pay o­ne time security deposit of Rs.80/- for purchasing the student smart card and get the pass value loaded for 40 or 80 Rides.
  • Validity of student smart card is 30 days and 90 days according to value loaded for 40 rides and 80 rides respectively. When this card is recharged before the validity period the balance rides, if any, are carried forwarded. After the validity is over, the same card again can be recharged as per requirement but balance rides, if any, are not carried forward.
  • When a student makes an improper exit without flashing his card o­n the gate, the card gets locked. o­ne ride is deducted when the card is presented to the booking counter in the next visit and simultaneously the card gets unlocked.
  • When a student tries to exit with a card without proper entry recorded in it, the student is deemed to be travelling without ticket. He is liable to pay penalty of Rs.250/- in addition to maximum fare in cash chargeable at that exit point.
  • When the card holder of the student smart card detrains short of his exit point, he is charged a penalty of Rs.250/- in addition to deduction of o­ne ride.


4.  Rules for Tourist Smart Card

  • Type of tourist smart cards and details thereof are as under:

Types of Tourist Smart Card

Cost of Smart Card (Rs.)

Security Deposit (refundable) (Rs.)

No. of rides permitted

Tourist Smart Card-I



Unlimited rides for o­ne day

Tourist Smart Card-II



Unlimited rides for three days

  • After the validity of the tourist card is over, the same can be recharged as per the convenience of the tourist.



·The maximum permissible time limit between purchase of smart token and entry into paid area at the station is 45 minutes and between entry to exit is 120 minutes for both token and card (smart card and student smart card).

·In case passenger is detected travelling without token /any type of card, a penalty of Rs.250/- plus the maximum fare chargeable at the station of detection is charged.

·In case a token holder oversteps his zone of travel, he is required to pay a penalty of Rs.250/- plus the difference of fare between the zone of actual travel and over stepped zone.

·If a passenger loses his authority to travel in the paid area, he is not able to exit through the exit gates. He is considered travelling without ticket and penalty as per extant rule.

·A penalty of Rs.250/- is levied o­n a defaulter who exits without depositing the token at the gate.

·Penalty for nuisance activities affecting cleanliness of Railway premises is upto Rs. 500/- and penalty for other nuisance activities is upto Rs.250/-.

·Whenever a passenger holding smart token or smart card or student smart card remains in the paid area for more than two hours, penalty of Rs.10/- per hour, subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- is collected. Whenever the passenger remains in the paid area for more than two hours for reasons beyond his control, no penalty is imposed o­n him.

·Passenger holding a smart token or smart card or student smart card is allowed to exit from the paid area of the same station at which entry has been punched. In this situation token is collected at the gate and smart card is deducted with Rs.25/- (maximum chargeable fare) and o­ne ride is deducted from the student smart card.


6.  Smart Card for MLAs against Rail Travel Coupons (RTC)

  • MLAs of West Bengal Assembly are permitted to purchase Smart Card or Token in exchange of Rail Travel Coupons (RTC). Details are as under:

Persons authorized to use RTC

Single journey CST


Recharge of CSC

Special Conditions

MLAs of West Bengal Assembly

Permitted maximum two.

(MLA+  One Companion)



Refunds allowed as per rule 6.1

Ex-MLAs of West Bengal Assembly

Permitted, maximum two.

(Ex.MLA+ o­ne Companion)

Not permitted

Not permitted

No refund allowed.


7.  Break Journey:     No break journey is allowed in Metro Railway, Kolkata.

8.  Children below the age of 5 years are allowed free travel in Metro Railway, Kolkata.

9.   On line Recharge of Smart Cards - Procedure:


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