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Medicine Procurement

Metro Railway Hospital being a new asset with limited manpower, the process of registration of Pharmaceuticals companies & Distributors is not yet complete. However, it is under active consideration and process and registration of firms will be done by Metro railway, Medical Department within a short period. For the time being the following firms / Distributors are supplying medicines to the Metro Railway Hospital through Limited Tender. These firm / Distributors are already registered with Eastern Railway.

Procurement Through Purchase Order

Procurement of medicine through limited Tender against Purchase Order after fulfillment of following Terms & Conditions :-

Terms & Conditions

1. Price F.O.R

2. Sales Tax :To be indicated clearly in details.

3. Excise Duty :

4. Octroi :

5. Supplied medicines are to be free of incidental charges subject to Indian Railway standard conditions of contract latest edition and addendum to the same subject applicable to this contract
6. Delivery : Free within 4-6 weeks against receipt of the P.O.

7. Materials should be delivered to consignee.

8. Payment: Payment will be made through EFT (EFT Mandate Form depicted here under) & Post supply bill in triplicate together with supporting voucher should be submitted to the consignee for payment within 30 days subject to correct supply and satisfactory performance of the contract, Sales Tax, Registration No. and date should mentioned in the bill. A triplicate copy of the bill should be sent to this office for record.

9. Inspection : the materials shall be subject to inspection which will be carried out by the consignee or by this authorized representative on receipt of the materials in the Hospital. The material shall also be subject to the test in Railway/Govt. / Govt. recognized laboratory as applicable.
10. Name of the Bill Passing Officer: Medical Superintendent (In-Charge), 120, D.P.S. Road, KoIkata 700033.

11. Name of the Bill Paying Officer: FA & CAO/Metro Rly.33/1, J. L. Nehru Road, KoIkata-33.
12. ITCC, STCC are to be valid up to date.

13. Bill will not be passed for payment beyond the above date till submission further valid ITCC & STCC to this office.

14. The words for 'Railway Use Only' should be printed/stamped on the label/strip etc.

15. Life /Guarantee at least 15(fifteen) months from the date of delivery.

:: Download EFT mandate form ::

1. Electronic Fund Transfer System:

Reserve bank of India (RBI) Electronic Fund Transfer System is a mechanism through which an Account holder of Bank can transfer funds to another person maintaining Account with any of the participating Commercial Banks.

2. Working of the EFT system:

a) Metro Railway will fill the EFT application form giving the particulars of suppliers / contractors (City, Bank, Branch, Suppliers/Contractors name, Type of Account, Account Number, Authorized Bank) to SBI, Chowringhee Branch along with the cheque payment to be made. F A&CAO, Metro Railway will prepare a schedule and send the duplicate of the EFT application form to the SBI for EFT data preparation (Day-1, working day).
b) The SBI will prepare the EFT data file by using a software package supplied by RBI and will transmit the same to the local RBI (National Clearing Cell) by 3.30 p.m. The RBI at the remitting centre, Kolkata will consolidate the files received from all Banks, and will sort the transactions city wise. Bank wise remittance data files will be transmitted to Banks on the same day itself (after 6.00 p.m.). Bank wise vouchers will also be prepared for crediting the receiving banks' accounts the next morning (Day-2, working day).
c) On the third day (working day) morning the receiving banks at the destination centres process the remittance files transmitted by RBI and forward credit reports to the destination branches for crediting the suppliers / contractors accounts.

3. Advantages to the suppliers / contractors:

a) Firm's account is credited on the third day morning (working day).

b) The trouble of collecting payment and then lodging for collection is avoided.

c) Effort for collection of cheque in person is avoided.

d) Undue transit time from Kolkata to other cities is avoided.

4. Availing of the EFT facility:

a) The EFT facility can be availed by filling the mandate form attached herewith.

b) The suppliers / contractors can switch over from one bank to the other by submitting fresh mandate form. The suppliers / contractors are free to operate bank accounts of their choice.

Source : Metro Railway Kolkata / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-07-2014  

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