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Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)



NO. TCII/2910/83/Metro                                                                                            New Delhi, dt. 25.01.1988


          In exercise of the powers conferred by section 22 of the Calcutta Metro Railway (Operation and Maintenance) Temporary Provisions Act, 1985 (10 of 1985) the Central Government hereby makes the following rules, namely :-

Short title and commencement :- (1) These rules may be called the Metro Railway (carriage of  Baggage) Rules,  1988.

(2) They shall come into force on the 1st day of February, 1988.

Baggage permitted to be carried :- 

Any  person while travelling in Metro Railway may carry only small items of personal baggage, e.g. , Tiffin basket, small hand bag or attache case in addition to umbrella or walking sticks required for personal use.

3.Condition for carriage of baggage:- 

The items of personal baggage as permitted under rule 2 may be carried by any person if they :-

(a) are not likely to cause an accident or obstruction or any inconvenience to other  passengers:

(b) do not exceed 10kgs in weight; and

(c) are not of bulky nature.

Articles not permitted as accompanied baggage ;-

No person shall take with him –

(a)   Offensive articles, such as wet skin, hides, dead poultry and gore etc.

(b)  Dangerous articles, such as- explosives of any variety including fire works, inflammable materials such as oil, grease, ghee, paint, dry grass and leaves of any variety,  waste papers, acids and other corrosive substances; or

(c)    dead body.

Offence and Penalties :-  (1) Any person who commits any offence of caring offensive goods or explosives or dangerous goods in violation of Rule 4 will also render himself liable for prosecution under section 8 of the Calcutta Metro Railway ( operation and Maintenance) (Temporary Provisions), Act, 1985 .

(2) Any offence referred to in sub-rule shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees for caring offensive goods and an imprisonment for a term which may extend to four years and also a fine which may extend to five thousand rupees for carrying any dangerous goods. The offender shall also be responsible for any loss, injury or damage which may be caused by reason of such goods having been brought upon the Metro Railway.



                                                                                                        ( S. M. VAISH)

                                                                                               Secretary, Railway Board.

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