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Electronic Telephone Exchange


The Metro Railway has five numbers of ISDN exchange. All the exchanges are connected via E1 through optical fibre communication system. The exchanges are as follows:

1)Metro Bhavan Exchange – 1000 Lines

2)Mahanayak Uttamkumar Exchange – 400 Lines

3)Dum Dum Exchange – 400 Lines

4)Noapara Exchange – 400 Lines

5)Kavi Subhash Exchange – 400 Lines


The Metro Bhavan Exchange is kept as central node and other exchanges are connected to the Metro Bhavan Exchange via Star topology. The telephone lines are given to all the office buildings & unit offices, stations, staff quarters, Officer’s quarters, Medical units, and emergency section etc. of the Metro Railway, Kolkata. The Subscribers of the exchange has facility of Railway STD, DID & DOD to selected subscribers and also the Exchange have facility of giving Internet connection to the subscribers of the Exchange.

Source : Metro Railway Kolkata / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-05-2014