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Integrated Security System (ISS) gives end-to-end security coverage of Metro Railway Kolkata. The system includes CCTV Coverage, Personal Baggage Screening System and Explosive Detection &Disposal System. Metro Railway, Kolkata has upgraded its old analog based surveillance system with ISS and is working successfully. The system was initiated around March 2011 .

The CCTV system includes more than 700 IP-based cameras integrated and viewable from state-of-the-art control room at Metro Bhawan, Kolkata and any remote location for management and monitoring during normal as well as emergency situations. Continuous video recording of the information received at the central control is available apart from local video recording at the respective stations for future analysis and investigations.Analysis of live footage is done automatically by the system and proper alarm is generated for preventing unwanted happenings.

Baggage screening is done using High-end X-Ray Scanners and DFMDs being operated by trained RPF personnel at the stations. Almost 80% of the project is working on date under the joint supervision of 3 departments of Metro Railway Kolkata,Signal &Telecom,Security and Operating Department and constant monitoring and up gradations are being incorporated by the vendor BCL Secure Premises (P) Ltd.

Source : Metro Railway Kolkata / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 02-09-2014