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Sl. No.

Plan Head

Pink Book (2012-13) Item No

Name of work

AllocationLatest Anticipated Cost
R Thou)


PB - 37

Noapara - Rake rehabilitaton facilityCAP588100

PB - 36

NOA Carshed–Conversion of stabling line No. 7 – 14 to inspection bay & washing line for increased rake holding.CAP23264
342PB - 38Noapara - Upgradation of running shed facilities for maintenanc of airconditioned rakesDF(4)2906
442PB - 39Noapara - Extension of periodical overhauling shed No.3 (bay No.3)DF(4)1863
581PB - 60Design and construction of rapid transit system including extension between Tollygunge-Garia, Dum Dum-Baranagar & Noapara-NSCB Airport.MAC4135400
681PB - 63Noapara - Barasat via Bimanbandar - Construction of Metro Railway.MAC24324000

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